Tuesday, May 25, 2010

how cute are these???

i found these on the free people site.
i LOVE these!!
which color should i get??
i love them ALL!!


mel said...

amazing images!! fab blog:)these are gorgeous..i think go with a colour you love and suite your skin, as well as your clothes:) they are gorgeous

kumiko mae said...

Hi Mollie! Love your blog too! Will follow you as well. Thanks for saying you'd follow me. :) and Im happy you liked my blog. Let's keep in touch sweetie :) I'll put you in my blog roll (because thats where i put all bloggers who comment) also so I can always catch up with you


Nora said...

hey, you told me that you'll follow me, now i'm just wondering if you really do or if it's just blogspot that's trying to freak me out? i can't see you in my follower-list ): xx

btw; i would get the white ones ;)

Unknown said...

Those ARE super cute. I love the blue ones.

Anna Jane


Unknown said...

Thanks for following me!!
i really really love your blog, seriously!!!
i'm totally following you too :)
and i really like the earrings.. theyd totally go well with any outfit..
if you could, you should get them all and just match them with whatever youre wearing:)
but if i had to pick one, id say the blue ones :)

Rebecca Jane said...

These are so pretty! I would have to go with the turquoise or the royal blue, but I'm a bit biased since those are two of my favourite colours.

Thanks for your comment! :D

Anonymous said...

I love these. Especially the pink ones. WANT.
Love you blog too xx

Unknown said...

Love the blue ones! They look like lapis.

xx FujiFiles

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